The City of Malden, Massachusetts

Property Assessment Data

Welcome to the City of Malden's On-line Assessors Database. This database is provided for your convenience and is not intended to answer all value related questions. The on-line database will be updated once a year, in January when we commit the Tax Rolls for the third quarter/actual bill cycle.

PLEASE NOTE: The data is believed to be correct at the time of upload in to the on-line database, but is subject to change without notice.

Current assessment information is for fiscal year 2024, with an assessment date of January 1, 2023, using all market sales from calendar year 2022.

Some property information may have changed after this listing was created. Ownership changes are continually being updated, as are data changes from new construction or recent inspections.

FY 2024 Rates Residential: 12.19 Commercial: 18.68 Industrial: 18.68

Personal Property (Business Tax): 18.68

Residential Exemption Tax Discount Amount: 2,521.43

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